NANOSTAR Student Challenges at UC3M

Today, at UC3M, we presented to students both the re-edition of the preliminary design challenge and the specific UC3M design and test challenges.

The time for great ideas and intuitions has finally come!

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NANOSTAR at the UC3M Investigation Workshop

The Nanostar project has been presented on May 7-8, at the UC3M Investigation Workshop.

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Our nanosatellite to the Moon is getting closer and closer…

Today at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, our students just took a hands-on course on IDM-CIC and IDM-VIEW, two fundamental tools that need to be mastered to do an efficient preliminary mission design.

Our nanosatellite to the Moon is getting closer and closer…!

NANOSTAR Student Challenges Phase I

Student teams from all universities compete to create the best preliminary design of a Moon-flyby CubeSat mission according to a given set of requirements. Winners receive an award and are tasked with the systems engineering of the rest of the mission.

NANOSTAR project presentation at UC3M