The 11th International Workshop and Advanced School “Spaceflight Dynamics and Control” took place at the University of Beira Interior in Covilhã, Portugal. It was organized by the Centre for Mechanical and Aerospace Science and Technologies of the University of Beira Interior (C-MAST) and SpaceWay.

The Workshop consisted of a number of lectures given by several well-known specialists in Astrodynamics from all over the world. The sessions were dedicated to a large variety of topics, from mission analysis to dynamics and control of space systems and small satellites.

The target audience of the event included university students and researchers from aerospace sector. The Workshop program included talks both on theoretical studies on space systems and experimental results, and several topics were discussed:

  • Space Missions
  • Dynamics and Control of Space Systems
  • Orbital Dynamics
  • Small Satellites
  • Space Systems in Portugal
  • Space Industry in Portugal