Detailed Design and Test Challenges

Online registration. Deadline: February 17, 2020 – at 18:00 CET

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In this phase, the specific design, development and testing challenges start.

Each institution will be offering specific challenges on the design, development and testing of nanosatellite components. Some of these challenges will be related to components of the winner nanosatellite design of the first preliminary design competition (lunar fly-by), others to nanosatellite testing facilities and there will also be a challenge on the detailed design of a roscoff worms payload, considered in the second edition of the preliminary design competition (see

Proposed studies by the participating students might also be considered, depending on their feasibility within the project.

As usual, gender balance, multidisciplinary and inter-institution teams in a concurrent engineering environment are highly encouraged.

Please, find below a template for writing the final challenge report.

The deadline for Phase 2 challenges submission is March 1st, 2021.

All challenges completed by this date (by handing over the report to the corresponding supervisor) will go through a first evaluation process that will determine the best 10 challenges across all different institutions.

These 10 student teams will be invited to participate in a final presentation event, on May 11th (any date variation will be communicated on time), where they will present their work remotely in a 10 minutes presentation. The best presentation/work (based on both this presentation and the evaluation report filled by the supervisor) shall be declared at the end of this meeting and will receive a winner diploma by the NANOSTAR consortium.

All other participating student teams, who have submitted their report, shall receive a participation diploma. Local participation prizes might also be awarded by each individual institution (e.g. USB pens, t-shirts, etc…).

For more information, please, contact:

Filippo Cichocki

Filippo Cichocki

Anthony Ghiotto

Anthony Ghiotto

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