The Eirballoon II is lifting off today at 14:30 CEST. Watch live!

30 September, 2021/by admin

Fostering a relevant training on nanosat technology: Results and prospects from the NANOSTAR project

27 May, 2021/by admin

And the winners of the NANOSTAR Detailed Design and Test Challenges are…

12 May, 2021/by admin

Detailed Design & Test Challenges Awards Ceremony at UC3M

8 May, 2021/by admin

ARDUINO Hackathon

20 April, 2021/by admin

NANOSTAR is ready for landing!

15 April, 2021/by admin

NANOSTAR at the Aerospace Valley’s ‘Space Week’

10 March, 2021/by admin

Awards ceremony to the students of the UC3M Phase 1 Second edition

11 February, 2021/by admin

The Eirballoon is launching today. Watch live!

14 January, 2021/by admin

Health check to a reaction wheel

15 November, 2020/by admin

NANOSTAR, innovation even in the purchasing process!

13 October, 2020/by admin

The Eirballoon project: Upcoming launch of a sounding balloon. Stay tuned!

12 October, 2020/by admin

NANOSTAR eight months project extension

3 September, 2020/by admin

NANOSTAR Student Challenges Phase II: 68 students in 22 different challenges

19 February, 2020/by admin

30 years of Interreg: youngsters closer to the moon thanks to NANOSTAR

31 January, 2020/by admin

UC3M StarWorms: winners of the 2nd edition of the Nanostar Preliminary Design Challenge

29 January, 2020/by admin

Evaluating the Space Mission Predesign Challenge 2nd edition

21 January, 2020/by admin

CubeSat finds its way in space with Galileo receiver

10 January, 2020/by admin

NANOSTAR meeting in Covilhã

4 November, 2019/by admin

NANOSTAR Student Challenges at UC3M

17 October, 2019/by admin

NANOSTAR Detailed Design and Testing Challenges: Online registration is open!

4 October, 2019/by admin

Contents produced by the winning teams of the First Preliminary Design Competition

30 September, 2019/by admin

Innovation challenges of ENSEIRB-MATMECA

25 September, 2019/by admin

MOON INVADERS at the SEEA conference

16 September, 2019/by admin

NANOSTAR Space Mission Predesign Challenge Second edition: Online registration is open!

2 September, 2019/by admin

IEEE MTT-Sat Challenge is calling for your ideas!

28 August, 2019/by admin

Fly Your Satellite! 3: Call for proposals

22 July, 2019/by admin

2 nanosats freshly operational in space

5 July, 2019/by admin

First preliminary design challenge competition concluded: And the winners are…

31 May, 2019/by admin

Workshop on IDM at Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal

22 May, 2019/by admin

NANOSTAR Student Challenges: Phase I Deliverable Submission is over

14 May, 2019/by admin

NANOSTAR at the UC3M Investigation Workshop

9 May, 2019/by admin

IMPORTANT! New Deliverable Submission Deadline: May 13th

6 May, 2019/by admin

The students of the University Space Center of Montpellier explain NANOSTAR project

2 May, 2019/by admin

Great success of participation in the NANOSTAR Student Challenges Phase I: More than 100 students registered

12 April, 2019/by admin

NANOSTAR Student Challenges: 75 students registered to date

1 April, 2019/by admin

NANOSTAR Lisbon Meeting

28 March, 2019/by admin

Our nanosatellite to the Moon is getting closer and closer…

11 March, 2019/by admin

Conception of a UHF/VHF ground station

15 February, 2019/by admin

The NANOSTAR Student Challenges kick off

11 February, 2019/by admin

ENSEIRB-MATMECA Student group final presentation of their work on the design of a SATCOM base station to receive the NOAA19 weather image

30 January, 2019/by admin

Student Challenges organization meeting

29 January, 2019/by admin

Humans of Sudoe: Conquering the Space

3 December, 2018/by admin

NANOSTAR meeting in Madrid

15 November, 2018/by admin

NANOSTAR project presentation at UC3M

29 October, 2018/by admin


26 October, 2018/by admin

NANOSTAR at the 11th International Workshop and Advanced School “Spaceflight Dynamics and Control” in Covilhã, Portugal

29 September, 2018/by admin

What are cubesats?

10 June, 2018/by admin

NANOSTAR Kick-off meeting

11 April, 2018/by admin
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