After 40 months fostering a relevant training on nanosat technology, we celebrate our final event “NANOSTAR Academy Showcase”, where we will share the project’s results with the European Nanosatellite community. Join us next May 11th at 14:00h CET!

The construction of a nanosatellite requires numerous tools and competences, which makes it an excellent training vector. However, it is necessary to have the appropriate experience, hence the need to work in a network and exchange experiences.

NANOSTAR is an Interreg Sudoe project to provide students with the experience of a real space engineering process that includes all stages, from conception and specifications, to design, assembly, integration, testing and documentation. The consortium is composed of 7 universities and 2 aerospace clusters, plus 3 ESA Business Incubation Centres as associates, in France, Spain and Portugal.

After 40 months, we celebrate our final event ‘NANOSTAR Academy Showcase’, where we will share the project’s results to the European Nanosatellite community, and we would like you to join us on this special occasion.


14:00-14:15  Fostering a relevant training on nanosat technology: results and prospects from the NANOSTAR project. Introduction
  • Philippe Lattes, Director for Space Activities, Aerospace Valley
  • Isabelle Roger, Director of the Interreg Programme SUDOE
  • Alexandre Legall, Project Officer at Interreg Programme SUDOE
  • Maude Perier-Camby, Nanostar Project Manager, Aerospace Valley
14:15-14:55 The Nanostar Academy
  • Nanostar Software Suite by Thibault Gateau, Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace and Paolo Oliveira, Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Nanostar common methodology by José Miguel Álvarez, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Evolution of the IDM-CIC environment modules by Jean-Luc Le Gal, Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales
  • Questions and Answers
14:55-15:55 The Nanostar Student Challenges
  • Presentation of the challenges by Filippo Cichocki, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Anthony Ghiotto, Bordeaux INP
  • The worms project: Xavier Bailly, CNRS, Roscoff Marine Station and Olivier Marty, B-INP / URISA – IESF NA
Testimony of 3 students teams – interviews:
  • UC3M StarWorms: Alvaro Sanz Casado, Carlos Alvaro Arroyo Parejo, Miguel Renieblas Ariño, Sergio Sarasola Merino, Miguel Muñoz Lorente
  • B-INP EirBalloon: Nigel Ignatowicz, Yohan Bellanger
  • UBI Moon invaders: Franscisca Oliveira and Pedro Dente
15:55-16:05 Announcement of the winners of the challenges’ final
  • Carlos Romero, Managing Director of Madrid Aerospace Cluster

16:05-16:15 Paths for the future of Nanostar

  • Jorge Monteiro, Universidade da Beira Interior and Maude Perier-Camby, Aerospace Valley
16:15 Closure