With the support of NANOSTAR, our partner Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI, Portugal) is now developing a student CubeSat project called CUBISat. The objective is to develop a 1U CubeSat technology demonstrator for an Attitude and Dynamics control System.

Magnetic attitude determination and control devices are one of the cheapest most reliable, small and lightweight attitude systems. However, they have limitations, in particular a relatively low accuracy and actuation capability requiring other attitude sensors and actuators. Theoretical studies demonstrate that a solely magnetic Attitude Determination and Control system might be capable of providing three-axis orbital attitude for nanosatellites. To test the proposed algorithms for future space missions a technology demonstrator is needed.

In this activity, the students are performing a health check on a CubeSat reaction wheel that would be used in the CUBISAT.

Students involved:

Supervisor: Jorge Monteiro