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NANOSTAR eight months project extension

NANOSTAR will end the 31st of May 2021. We are glad to inform you that NANOSTAR, the Interreg Sudoe project which allows university students to be part of a whole real space engineer project which includes conception, design, implementation and documentation, will have an eight months project extension, and will end the 31st of May […]

NANOSTAR Student Challenges Phase II: 68 students in 22 different challenges

Last Monday, February 17, the phase II Detailed Design and Test Challenges online registration was closed. In this phase, each NANOSTAR institution offered specific challenges on the design, development and testing of nanosatellite components. Some of these challenges were related to components of the winner nanosatellite design of the first preliminary design competition (lunar fly-by), others […]

30 years of Interreg: youngsters closer to the moon thanks to NANOSTAR

This year Interreg celebrates its 30th birthday, focusing on three topics of interest for the European cohesion: youth, a greener Europe and we all have a neighbor. In this context, each month, they will interview one of their  emblematic projects related to one of these topics. We transcribe the interview with Filippo Cichocki, visiting professor at […]

UC3M StarWorms: winners of the 2nd edition of the Nanostar Preliminary Design Challenge

In this edition, thirteen multidisciplinary teams of students from the NANOSTAR universities have predesigned a nanosatellite space mission, whose goal is to verify the survivability in space of a marine photosymbiotic species of worms (Roscoff worms), which may one day play an essential role in the creation of artificial ecosystems for deep space exploration missions. […]

Evaluating the Space Mission Predesign Challenge 2nd edition

The Evaluation Committee, composed of members from all NANOSTAR institutions, evaluating the received designs from student teams, and selecting the winning proposal at Bordeaux‐INP / ENSEIRBMATMECA. This NANOSTAR challenge has consisted in predesigning a nanosatellite that will perform an ambitious scientific mission. The goal of the mission is to verify the survivability in space of a marine […]

CubeSat finds its way in space with Galileo receiver

A miniature CubeSat has become the first satellite to perform Galileo-based position fixes in orbit using a commercial satnav receiver. CubeSats are nanosatellites based on standardised 10 cm-sized units. Originally devised for educational uses, they are nowadays being put to commercial and technology testing uses. The Swiss Astrocast company is assembling a constellation based on […]

NANOSTAR meeting in Covilhã

Last Wednesday, October 30, took place the kick-off meeting of the NANOSTAR Work Package 5 at Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI) in Covilhã , Portugal. The priority of this Work Package is to ensure the continuity of the NANOSTAR project with the development of new interuniversity projects and support for the creation of new start-ups. At […]

NANOSTAR Student Challenges at UC3M

Today, at UC3M, we presented to students both the re-edition of the preliminary design challenge and the specific UC3M design and test challenges. The time for great ideas and intuitions has finally come! Register for both types of challenges here.  

NANOSTAR Detailed Design and Testing Challenges: Online registration is open!

NANOSTAR is a European project to support the training and development of student nanosatellites in the south west of Europe. In this phase, each institution of the project will be offering specific challenges on the design, development and testing of nanosatellite components. NANOSTAR specific design, development and testing challenges start! In this project phase, each […]