Last Tuesday May 11th, NANOSTAR celebrated its final event, where all the partners had the opportunity of sharing the project’s results with the European Nanosatellite community.

In the morning, the best 10 teams of the NANOSTAR Detailed Design and Test Challenges presented their projects. The NANOSTAR jury panel selected the best three teams, which were announced in the afternoon event.

During 18 months, the students from the NANOSTAR universities have been working on different detailed design & test challenges. We want to thank all the teams for their great presentations and the excellent work carried out during this project. It has been very difficult to make a final decision on the winners as all the projects are high level. The top three teams are:

  • 1st Position: ‘Development of an inertial morphing nanosatellite’, is the result of the collaboration between Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and Instituto Universitario de Microgravedad ‘Ignacio Da Riva’, from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, with the support of the DZH student research group. Participating students: Jesús Muñoz Tejeda, Miguel Segovia Mora, Alberto Rodríguez Amor, Ivan Castro Fernández, Carlos San Miguel Ortego and Carmen García Cabetas. More information.
  • 2nd Position: ‘Telecom System Qualification: Sounding Balloon’, from Bordeaux INP (B-INP). Participating students: Nigel Ignatowicz, Yohan Bellanger, Edgar De Oliveira Cruz, Antton Bodin and Vanlerberghe Francois. More information.
  • 3rd Position: ‘Design and Analysis of Nanosatellite Additive Manufactured structures’ from Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI). Participating students: Pedro Neto, Marcos Rosa and Rose Teixeira. More information.