One of the main challenges with CubeSats’ ADCSs (Attitude Determination and Control Subsystems) is how heavy and power consuming the most precise systems are. This means that developing lighter, less consuming ones is of the greatest importance.

3AMADEUS is a mission that aims to find a solution to this exact problem. Magnetic ADCS components are among the lightest, least power consuming and most reliable options in the CubeSat industry. However, due to their low precision, this kind of component can’t be used by themselves in missions that require precise attitude control. One of the ways to improve the precision of this kind of component is to use novel ADCS algorithms that maximize system performance for magnetic ADCSs. That is why 3AMADEUS has the purpose of, not only developing, but also testing multiple of these algorithms in-flight, with hopes that one day the implementation of purely magnetic ADCSs can be generalized in nanosatellites.

University of Beira Interior (UBI), Portugal

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