Multidisciplinary teams of 5 students will engage in solving design, development and testing challenges:

  • 2019

    PHASE 1: preliminary mission design challenge

    IMPORTANT! New Deliverable Submission Deadline: May 13th

    Student teams from all universities compete to create the best preliminary design of a Moon-flyby CubeSat mission according to a given set of requirements. Winners receive an award and are tasked with the systems engineering of the rest of the mission.

  • 2019

    PHASE 2: detailed design challenges

    In Phase 2 starts the detailed design, development, and testing challenges. Each challenge will be approached by a minimum of two competing teams from different institutions, under the guidance of the faculty. Teams must communicate with each other to ensure consistence and create a single consistent system.


  • 2020

    The output is an integrated and tested engineering model of the whole mission.